Tuesday, 13 January 2015

Imperial Gorgon Troop Transporter

Not managed to finish my trench yet but I've been busy creating a Gorgon transporter for my DKOK army. This was started about the same time as the defence turret. The design is based on a paper craft template which I've been adapting as I make it.

You can find the template at the following site zealot.com

There's no real order to the pictures as most of the time I forgot to photograph the parts I was doing as they were made.

You can see from the last three pictures that it's not far from finished. Just need to create the tracks ( I'm currently on version 4 of these) and then add the rams on the front. After that it's minor detailing inside to finish. 

I intend to make a mould for the sides as they are identical to the ones required for the next project. Another cool DKOK monster. The Crassus. Again another paper model that deserves to be plastic.

Trench update 2015

Not posted anything in quite awhile, so I thought time I did.

I'm just about finished my trench system and it should be ready to make some moulds from once I get a new safety release valve. Current one keeps emptying my casting chamber at 10psi :(

Again the design is pretty similar to the old DKOK one Forgeworld used to sell. I needed it like that to match the few bits I've acquired on eBay.

The latest part to be finished is the outer top of the trench. The part that should stop renegade tanks from over running you.

I'm unsure if I'll cast this as a separate part or fix it to the side wall.

The corner section is currently drying out ready to be shaped and sanded. One of the other projects I'm working on can be seen top centre ish. A Titan crew. I really should work on one project at a time.

I'll post some more picture of these in the coming weeks along with the titan they are intended for.