Monday, 25 August 2014

DKOK casualties - Custom mini's

Having been a fan of Death Korps of Krieg since Forgeworld released them. The only thing wrong with all releases is they never include  casualties. After a trawl run the good old internerd I found this...

Having too many projects on the go I decided to get some causalities commissioned. Through a friend at work I got put in touch with a young sculptor called Harry Castle. After a little explanation he got started with the work.

The end result is two very nice dead DKOK.


My intention is to make a mould of these and cast some additional copies. They will look really good on a diorama I'm planning. 

Wednesday, 13 August 2014

Titans and how to join tubing to form a T joint

Taking a break from the current project, I've been waylay making a Reaver Titan. I'll be uploading some pictures of the progress in a few days. I'm loosely following a really good set of plans which can be found here:

the main issues I have are firstly the Head. It does not resemble the Reaver at all. For this I'm going to have to redesign it. Secondly the upper leg really does not look good.

If you compare the following pictures you'll see what I mean.

Papercraft Titan
FW Reaver Titan
I mostly have the leg issue sorted thanks to the following site.
Each leg will be formed from the following parts

2x 10mm pvc tube 110mm long (inner pistons)
1x 20mm pvc tube 110mm long (outer pistion)
15mm pvc tube will be used for the ends of the 10mm piston and 25mm pvc tube will be used to for the 20mm pistion.

The top ball joint will made from a curtain pole end and some 30mm tubing. the bottom of the leg assembly will be formed from 20mm tube.

All this should roughly equate to what's depicted in the following picture.

Saturday, 5 July 2014

Pressure casting equipment

recently checking out a few forums and if i want to get better moulds and better output from them i really need to be using a vacuum chamber to remove any air in the rtv and resin. It's also essential to cast under pressure for even better results.

So off to eBay we go.....

Two weeks of searching and the first deal is bought. Not bad for £40+ some postage. It won't be able to do large moulds but I can live with that.

Not much to look at at the moment but it should clean up nicely.  There's a few more parts to get (pressure gauge and hose adaptors) and it should be ready to rock.

Thursday, 29 May 2014

Zing Industries bits

Got some items to detail the imperial trench system today.

These should finish off the trench system and then I can produce some moulds and then cast some resin copies. Beats waiting for eBay searches to return some hits. Last couple I found went for in excess of £120. Total cost to produce mine will be about £10 in resin.

Defence Turret

Just finished the basic design of a defence turret. Still requires a bit of detail and an entry hatch but it's getting there.

Monday, 26 May 2014

Imperial Trench System

After spending years reading other blogs and finding a little time on my hands I've started making use of my shed and resurrected an old hobby.

This is the first set of pictures chronicling the creation of some Warhammer 40K vehicles and terrain pieces.

First up my attempt at recreating the oop imperial trench system.

Still need to complete some of the detailing like the cable work and lights but it's getting there.