Sunday, 14 June 2015

3D printing and scratch building

Getting bogged down with trying to create some fine detail parts for all the scratch building I've got going at the moment, I've been putting together a couple of 3d printers.

Firstly there's the one that I can justify to my wife! It's a learning tool for the kids honest..

At about £7 a week it's sort of affordable but at 90 issues it's going to be while before it's finished. The specs are ok, so should be a good general purpose printer and it has a decent size print area.

Next up 

The first one is a nice design by a 13 year old in Canada! I've most of this built barring a couple of 3d printed parts that I need to order. Again it has a decent print area so it should be a good general purpose printer.

To print the required catch22 parts for these and anything else where you don't have a 3d printer I've used I would recommend them as they are pretty cheap and the quality is really good.

Lastly a 3d SLA printer. I really wish I hadn't seen this one since I haven't finished the other two yet. I've already purchased the DLP projector. £9 with some minor display spots. Seeing the quality of the pieces the creator has printed, I need to get this working soon. Having the ability to quickly create control panels, tank tracks, hatches and engines will be a huge bonus. I'll be able to spend even more time with the kids looking an the unfinished commercial 3d printer.
If you have been using a 3d printer in your scratch building I'd really like to hear your experiences good or bad.

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