Sunday, 21 June 2015

Gorgon Armoured Transport Tracks

Well this ones sat there for some time without the tracks being added. I've has at least three attempts to create some tracks for it. Every time I've been unhappy with the end result and shelved it. I've also ended up putting the project on hold and sticking it away on a shelf to gather dust....

The picture above is the state it was left in February 2015.

So while browsing for bitz to detail some other models I'm busy with I found some really nice items on eBay.

onemannoodles is the supplier and his shop can be found here. While browsing through his items I noticed some tracks on a scratch built tank and they looked pretty much what I needed for my Gorgon Transport. After a few messages via eBay discussing the size and the length of total track I needed, he offered to cast the required amount for £12. Also as part of the discussion I asked if some of the vents he has produced were available with a diameter of 6mm. He didn't have any that small but would put some on his shapeways shop TheUncannyAutomaton. Within an hour he'd messaged me back with a link to the item in his shop.

Hopefully these and the Tank / machine detail parts should save me some time with detailing. Not sure how long shapeways take to deliver, i hope not too long.

So on Friday there was a nice parcel pushed through my letterbox containing the following.

He actually sent about three times the amount in the picture. With every dad favourite day fast approaching they sat on my cutting mat until Sunday.

So now it's Sunday and I get an hour to myself and start to dry fit the tracks. The width is spot on as he said it would be. So with a 27cm strip of plasticard I start to fix the tracks in place with a spot of ca. As you can see the end result is a really good fit.

I'll be able to finish the other side in the next few days and possibly start to paint the full model in the coming weeks.

There's a few other items I'm after from his shapeways shop which I'll post once I order them. I would really recommend looking.

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  1. Amazing stuff, I love the Gorgon chassis :)
    Hope to see more of this awesome IG Tank.